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This website is for those who believe in freedom, personal sovereignty, community, and above all humanity. In a world full of lies, deceit, hidden agendas, and false flags, the intention of this site is to offer up some sanity, truth, and a different perspective. As we see the world as we know it begin to crumble around us, many of us are realizing just how fragile the system is. We’ve outsourced much of our life to others without much thought. We’ve outsourced our food, the raising of our children, our health and self defense. Our sense of community is under attack by forces that wish to divide and conquer us into as many different groups as possible. This website is for those who see this game, and want to take back their god given power to make change the world, by looking in the mirror, and starting with themselves. It’s time the people take back responsibility in their own lives. The game currently going on is clearly to make as many people dependent on the state as possible. The state wants you dumb, weak, and helpless. The more dependent we are on these evil forces, the more control that those same forces have over our lives, our destiny, and ultimately, our spirit. We are here to say hell no to that. This is a grass roots movement for those who want to take that power back. We are dedicated to lifting up the world, through lifting up ourselves.